Case Studies

Eight Ways to Get More Mileage Out Of a Case Study

Customer success stories are a particularly effective form of marketing because they reach potential customers in a different way from the traditional “selling” type of marketing. Just like a trusted referral, a customer success story provides credibility because the client featured in the story is simply relaying an experience-not trying to sell.

For all of the good that these stories can do, many marketing departments do not get as much mileage out of them as they could. Customer success stories are quite versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to spread the word of a company’s achievement.

  • Put it in a blog – A company blog is a perfect place to re-purpose a customer success story. Blog posts are typically more conversational, so a more personal view of how the story evolved, which includes excerpts from the story, can make an engaging piece.
  • Spread the word through social media – To increase exposure to the customer success story, put it on the company’s Facebook page and tweet about it on Twitter and other forms of social media.
  • Use it as the base of a press release – Some success stories lend themselves very well to an announcement in the form of a press release. Use the most critical results gained by your company’s intervention as the lead.
  • Incorporate it in a sales brochure – Include details from an impactful case study in sales brochures so this information gets directly in the hands of potential customers who may not be looking at the company website.
  • Highlight in a direct marketing piece – Give potential customers more than promises-give them proven results by showcasing a successful solution that the company has created for a similar business.
  • Submit it to trade magazines. Get more publicity by offering the case study as a useful informational piece for other companies who are experiencing similar problems.
  • Use quotes for testimonials. Use key quotes from your client and post on your website for high impact.
  • Use it for training new employees. Help explain your company’s culture and problem solving process by walking new employees through your case study, examining key steps in how your company helped clients succeed.

Well-written, engaging stories that focus on the customer’s problem and solution are a proven way to educate, connect and influence future customers. By sharing these stories in strategic ways, businesses can spread the word of their own success.